3 ways to sell real estate tax free!

As a general rule, if you sell a real estate property in the United States you will trigger a taxable transaction.  However, below are 3 situations when you might not incur an immediate  tax liability!

1/ A minimal capital gain

As a general rule, if you sell real estate property for a higher price than you purchased it, you realize a capital gain that is taxable. However, if you hold the property more than one year before selling it and your capital gain is $80K or less, your gain will be subject to a 0% tax rate (
long term capital gain tax rate)!

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2/ A “1031 exchange”

If you sell a real estate property and re-invest the funds to buy another property, you can benefit from the special treatment of a “1031 exchange” . Under this treatment, your transaction will not be subject to tax at the time of the sale (deferral of capital gain). To qualify for this preferential treatment , you will need to use a qualified intermediary (“
a 1031 exchanger”) who will hold the funds from the sale in escrow until you purchase the new property.

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3/ The sale of  a primary residence

When you sell your primary residence, the first $500K of capital gain are exempt from tax (
Home sale exclusion). If your property is rented, you might consider converting it to your primary residence before selling it!

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Updated on : March 13th, 2022