QuickBooks training - In person or remote (shared screen) training session

The golden rule for all accounting systems: “the output is only as good as the input” - meaning the more accurate the information recorded in the system upfront, the more meaningful the reports produced afterwards. QBO is the same: if the data is correctly recorded, the financial statements and therefore your business profitability reports will be more meaningful.

Whether you’re new at QBO and want to learn on
how to get started or whether you simply need a refresher course on the system , we can provide the training you need!

Karine Bauer at Kbauer Financials LLC for a training session. Karine Bauer, EA is a QuickBooks Pro-Advisor and an Enrolled Agent licensed by the Treasury Department with unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. She is an experienced tax professional with more than 20 years of international experience.

As always, the views contained in this article are not tax or legal advice and are not a substitute for consulting with a professional. Contact Karine Bauer EA at Kbauer Financials LLC for advice on your specific tax situation.

Updated - August 11th, 2019